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Angay is a company with more than ten years’ experience in surfaces covering, flooring, tiling, ventilated façades and floating floors.

The canal contract requirement where large format panels, new generation of fixing materials and the innovative platform systems are needed, has turned Angay into a referent in its industry regarding fixing quality, offering its customers an excellent service so that your product can make a good impression as it deserves.

Our experienced and trained staff is able to solve any kind of demand in everything related to surfaces covering, tiling and flooring, being aware of the most innovative fixing techniques as well as fixing materials.

Your covering project has quality and durability guaranteed results.

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Large format ceramic coating and panels: The market trend towards the large format and panels has guided us throughout specialization. These floor tile characteristics, measuring usually more than 2,000 square centimeters, low water- absorption and marked curvature demand a specific staff, tools and technique that few companies are able to offer. Angay Contract has the experience and training needed to meet the requirements of such a demanding fixing-product.

Ventilated façade: The ventilated façade is a building facing coating system consisting of two “skins” separated by a hollow space (cavity). It is considered the most efficient system to solve the building insulation, eliminating the undesirable thermal bridges as well as condensation issues obtaining, that way, an excellent thermal-hygrometric behavior of the building.

This system enables a continuous insulation from the outside of the building, protecting the inner sheet as well as the slab edges. In the air cavity, due to the air layer hitting of the intermediate area, towards the ambient air, it is produced the also named “chimney effect” which generates a continuous ventilation in the cavity. By giving a right dimension of the air inlet and outlet it is achieved a constant steam-evacuation coming from the inside and outside of the building, keeping the insulation in perfect dry condition, resulting in much better performance as well as reducing considerably energy consumption. The ventilated façade does not just insist on energy-saving but also eliminating direct sunlight or adverse weather conditions on walls and slabs, protecting them of the common pathologies that affect the conventional building system.

Floating floor: This kind of floor has a key characteristic. It does not need to be fixed nor stuck into the subsoil or any other kind of bracket. The pieces adhere to one another by adjustable height hanging brackets making it easy to install. It will also help to guard against any drawback resulting from the works just like conventional flooring. The different existing layers located between the soil and the platform make up a suitable structure for better waterproofing and drainage. In addition, floating floors are ideal for flattening irregular grounds, allowing technical installations under the raised floor such as: electrical wiring, piping, draining, etc, ensuring a perfect drainage by the tile-to-tile joints. Finally, to point out its exceptional fatigue-strength what makes it perfectly prepared to resist a continuous and heavy pedestrian traffic.


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Our aim is to add value to our customers’ needs and carry out all kind of integral interior design projects at national and international level, acting as a single point of contact for them. We work for individuals, hotels, architects, interior designers, decorators and public enterprises. We possess a detailed knowledge on production process as well as broad experience in handling materials. The company has a highly- qualified human team capable of performing turn-key projects if necessary.

An excellent technical and commercial department is at the customer disposal, what enables us to deal with any project, ensuring a flawless end-product while giving a great competitive value, which results in significant cost savings.

Let’s consult to us without any obligation about any project regarding interior design, showrooms, exhibitions or surfaces covering. We will be your reliable partner.

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